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The PRC continues to provide a consistent presence in the San Diego community, speaking out against violence in all of its forms and providing a voice for peaceful, nonviolent ways to solve interpersonal, community and global problems.

 It is essential that this work continue, and we want you to play an active role --with us-- in maintaining a peace presence in San Diego and making sure that issues of peace, nonviolence, social justice, and environment get the attention they deserve.

Even donate your old car! 

Forget giving your car to KPBS. That's right, the PRC has a way for you to donate that old unwanted, Global Warming causing, dirty, smelly, guzzling automobile that's been taking up all that space in your garage since you bought your new hybrid or you started riding your bike to work! Just go to Cars 4 Causes ® Car Donation (we're a "supported charity") and they'll share the proceeds with us.